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Searching for an engaging speaker to impact the culture of your school or business?

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Bring the 2016-2017 “Stand Up and Choose! Tour to your middle or high school!

Bring it!

Ready to elevate your brand and better engage with staff, vendors and the community?

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Stand Up and Choose! Tour Team

The assembly had a big impact on me. I learned my decisions not only affect me, but everyone in my family. All of the stories are helping me make good choices.

-Aieriale, Connellsville Area Middle School



Pictured are Stand Up and Choose! Tour speakers Ethan Keedy, Sarah Schimansky, Justice Greer, Mary Dreliszak. Lauren Gross, and Mary Sampey. Also a member of the team is Daynelle Sanner.
Find out what their powerful messages are all about here.

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