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Mary Dreliszak

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Searching for an engaging speaker to impact the culture of your school or business?

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Bring the 2016-2017 “Stand Up and Choose! Tour to your middle or high school!

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Here's what they're saying...

“Mary is unlike anyone I have ever met! She has made an instant connection with our students while conducting assemblies and interfacing with our student volunteers. Because she cares so much about our youth, the vibe just comes through! When she speaks…our kids “tune in” knowing that Mary has something great to share”!

Marie Montecalvo

Guidance Counselor, Washington High School

It has been a pleasure to have worked with Mary…and to have seen firsthand her strengths in connecting with and motivating students in our region.”

Corbin Kearns

Plant General Manager, Emission Control Technologies, Johnson Matthey

“I’ve had the distinct privilege of working with Mary for several years now.  Mary has an innate ability to capture the attention of hundreds of students and deliver a message that they can relate to – that really resonates with them and makes a difference in their lives.  She has boundless enthusiasm and passion for her work!”

Laural Ziemba

Director, Public Affairs, Range Resources

“Mary’s high energy and upbeat spirit allow her to engage students. She never fails to captivate her audience and deliver home a wonderful message.”

Kelsey Tate

Guidance Counselor, Waynesburg Central High School

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