Attitude. It’s the one thing that never leaves us. Like a child’s favorite blanket, we carry it with us wherever we go.

It’s ageless too. Eunice was just about to turn 100 years old when she was named “Queen of the Nursing Home” for her special talent. She could dance.

Growing up, I had a neighbor, Mr. Miller, who used to keep a bees in his yard. I know because I used to walk through his yard every day on my way to a friend’s house. It was a shortcut and he didn’t mind. Besides, he was a nice and the bees didn’t bother me.

Every time I’d see him, he’d say, “Isn’t it a glorious day the Lord has given us?” I would look around and agree. It sure was.

Years later, Mr. Miller ended up in a nursing home. No longer able to care for his bees, he was confined to a place where so many others sat lined up in their wheelchairs. But not him.

When I’d go to visit, I’d find him sitting outside in the sunshine. And of course, he’d remind me what a glorious day the Lord had given us.

My Uncle Ernie also lived out his last years in a nursing home. He was the one who would pile the family and neighborhood kids into the back of his truck and take us all to the Dairy Queen. He was the one who carried toys in his car to give to the children of friends and strangers – just to see them smile. And when we’d visit him in the nursing home, he’d ask, “What can I do for you?”

A Purple Heart recipient, Uncle Ernie knew he was blessed to be on this earth. And he was a blessing to many. At the end of our visits, he’d say – “Remember, always go to bed with a prayer in your heart. And never go to bed mad at anyone.”

Our pastor calls this having “an attitude of gratitude”.

It could also be called “happiness”. The feeling you have when the sun is shining. When you see a child smile. Or when you dance.

It starts with gratitude. It starts with you.

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