Picture it note

Since the start of the new-year, I’ve been doing something that’s well, new.  Each morning, I write a note of motivation – six words or less – to keep me focused on achieving one specific goal throughout the day.

I’m pretty sure the seed for this idea was planted one day when I was sitting in someone’s office. I noticed five colorful note cards tucked in all around the computer on his desk. They were employee referrals nominating him to be Employee of the Month. Written on each card were the thoughts of his peers on why he deserved this honor.

He was admired and respected by his colleagues. And he kept those sentiments at hand.  It motivated him.

Writing down a few words of inspiration might not be the same as having the accolades of your peers staring back at you. But it’s just as powerful.  A note you write to yourself isn’t about someone else believing in you, it’s about you believing in yourself.

I read an article the other day about visualizing what it is you want to achieve. “Picture it!” was what stood out to me. This was the same day I had thought about jumping into a Zumba class. So, while I worked through the day, I kept in the back of my mind a picture. It was me at the class, music playing, surrounded by people who want to live a healthy life.

I didn’t let it go until it became a reality. And there I was, at class that night.

Last weekend, in the midst of our pastor’s sermon, he said, “Put His words into action.” Like a spotlight shining down, I was focused on those words. I came home and made a note card. It remains on my desk since it’s something I’ll be doing every day.

What are you inspired to do? Write it down.  Make it your number one goal for the day, the week, or for your life. Then, stay motivated by knowing the goal, and your note, will be there until it’s accomplished.

Believe in you. And make it happen.

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