If you want to succeed, it’s good to know how to play by the rules. It’s also good sometimes to color outside of the lines. Five year old kids have got these mastered. So to find out more about what it takes to succeed, I sat down with an expert – my five year old niece, Sarah, who is the youngest of six children.

Here are the lessons she shared:

1. Know the company culture. At preschool we water our plants one at a time. When somebody’s not there, we water their plant for them.

2. Know what is expected.  I like to help my mom by putting put the wet clothes into the dryer and straightening up our shoes two by two. When my teacher plays the “clean up” song, we know it’s time to pick up our toys.

3. Know how to do it another way. My purple bike has training wheels. I like to ride with my brothers and sisters. When we’re going up a hill, it’s too hard for me. That’s when I get off my bike and walk.

4. Know how to network. My favorite thing to do is to go to preschool. I have friends there and they like to play with me. I asked them their name. That’s how they got to be my friend.

5. Know people who share your interests. It’s easier to share at school than at home with my brothers and sisters because they are nicer at school. We are all five year’s old.

What are Sarah’s goals for the future? “I want to sleep, go to preschool and be five years old,” she said. Maybe what you’re doing right now is all you want to do – for now. It’s OK. Get really good at it.

Like the AT & T commercials say, it’s not complicated. And like butterflies and five year old kids, know that you too are a work in progress.

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