Paying 5 Forward

The other day, I experienced an act of kindness that got me thinking – How can I pay it back?

I was pulling into a drive-thru restaurant when another car approached the same spot at the same time. We both stopped and he motioned for me to go ahead. As I waved to him with a nod of thanks and moved forward, I only wished that I had $5 to give to the cashier for his order – just to pay him back.

But paying him back wouldn’t be as powerful as paying it forward.

What if every act of kindness resulted in another act of kindness? What if one act of kindness could change the world? We’ll never know unless we try.

So the next time someone does something kind for you, pay it forward times five. Here are five ways to do it:

·         Keep $5 in your wallet and have the cashier use it towards the purchase of the next customer in line.

·         Do five small acts of kindness over the next five days. Like opening a door, giving directions to someone who is lost, or calling an elderly neighbor to say hello.

·         Spend five minutes writing a short note to a former teacher or mentor to say thanks.

·         Compliment five people who have no power to promote you.

·         Say a prayer for five people – even five people you pass on the street.

When we pay it forward, we are giving of ourselves in perhaps the greatest way possible. We can’t be repaid. It’s not about us. It’s about love. And our hearts grow bigger because of it.

When we pay it forward, we are the stone that creates a ripple effect far more reaching than we’ll ever know.

Paying it forward times five? Well, that stone cast could create an ocean of good.

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