sky 2  10-8-13 by Bullskin

There was something about this day that would cause me to pause and reflect. Maybe it was the young girl I had just met or maybe it was the majestic sky. They both had the same message.

I was at a high school career and technology center presenting a motivational awards assembly for The Challenge Program, Inc. when I met Heather. If she hadn’t come forward to accept the program’s Academic Improvement award, I would have missed her in the crowd of 300 or so students who were sitting on the floor for the presentation.

While the students were heading back to class, Heather came back. She approached me with a smile and said, “I’m from an Indian tribe. I want you to know how much I appreciate this award and to know how rare it is that someone from my tribe should receive such an honor.”

Heather not only worked hard to improve her grades and won an award, she took the initiative to come back in the room to be sure that I knew where she had come from. I could see in her eyes that where she came from wouldn’t be the barrier to her future success, it would become her launching pad. She will rise above and she’ll make her family and her community proud. Heather will make it happen.

On the way home, I thought about Heather and the many people out there every day making it happen.

Like those featured in my “People who Inspire” series – Gary Wandel, a retired school teacher who, with his wife Patty, travels the world with no itinerary.  John Robinson, a hospice nurse who, with his wife Bobbi, started a non-profit – Unity a Journey of Hope – to grant wishes to adults with life limiting illnesses. Or Lew Lynn, who at 90 years old, made 11 ski runs down the North Face slope at Seven Springs Mountain Resort after finishing his cancer treatment at a local hospital.

As I continued my drive home and rounded the bend, just ahead was the most magnificent sky. The kind that stops us in our tracks and reminds us that God is present and has a purpose for our lives – far greater than we could ever dream.

If we only make it happen.

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