Kids at beach

They may be in their 20’s now, but the images of my children when they were small will be forever with me.

Ryan, sitting in the tent we built over chairs with blankets and sheets and books inside waiting to be read together; Alyssa perched at the kitchen table with white paper and colored pencils strewn about, drawing amazing pictures; and Chris, at the age of four and on ice skates for the first time exclaiming, “Look mom, I can skate!” – then heading to the opposite end of the rink to share the good news with his big brother.

These three children have captured my love so completely that I could want for nothing more. Except, that is, to give them advice that I hope will guide them through their lives:

  1. Make God the center of your life. Every choice you make starts here.
  2. Love unconditionally. When your children fall, help them back up by just loving them.
  3. Seek every opportunity to grow. Go places; meet people; and never stop learning.
  4. Use your talents for good.
  5. See the need. Be kind, smile and lend a hand to someone you don’t yet know.
  6. Hold fast to the faith and traditions you were taught.
  7. When life throws you a curveball, catch it. Then go back to the plate.
  8. Choose your words for good.
  9. Have an attitude of gratitude. Appreciate every blessing in your path.
  10. As you go through life with families of your own, stay close and hold each other up.

Remember that this life is a journey. God’s got a plan. And you’ve got a purpose.

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