apple and orangeMy daughter and I went to an evening reception straight from working all day. We were dressed well – or so we thought. But as guests arrived in their best evening wear, we didn’t feel so well dressed anymore.

We didn’t blend in and we felt it. And that’s when it hit me. Why do we let others make us feel less than we are? Whether at an event or at home being inundated with images on social media, many people, it seems, have it all. It’s easy to start comparing our lives to others.

But this isn’t the whole picture.

The Facebook friend who is traveling to far-away places may be able to do so because he saved for the past ten years and now he can. The Instagram friend with the beautiful home may have overcome poverty to make it where she is today. And the perfect family? They have their struggles too.

The reality is that you have a unique set of talents and gifts; goals for the future; beliefs that guide you; and a smile that is all your own. The person you are is looking back at you in the mirror and she or he is not comparing you to anyone.

So be who you are. If that means you’re wearing orange when others are wearing black, so be it. You just brightened up the room.

When you start to compare yourself to someone else – stop. Choose to be motivated, not envious; Be happy, not jealous; and be confident knowing that when you are living your best life, you are living the life you were made to live.

You are indeed special. No one can ever take your place. No one can ever be you.

There’s just no comparison.

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