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It’s been a bright year at In 2014, 15,000 visitors from 83 countries stopped by to find inspiration for life and motivation for success. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey.

Together, we’ve met some extraordinary “People Who Inspire” who have shown us how to rise above and to live life on purpose. I’ve taken a quote from each of their stories with the hope that they’ll inspire you to achieve your goals for 2015:

Tuffy smallWork for it – I was running a bulldozer in 7th grade. After school and in the summers, I worked with my parents in the family’s pool business. They taught me that if you want something, you have to work for it.”- Tuffy Shallenberger on giving thanks and giving back

abbey way portrait croppedWant to be better –  “When I had fitness completely taken away from me I realized how important it is…I can’t wait for the next day. I want to improve every aspect of my life.” – Abbey Way on raising the bar for concussion awareness

 Charlie Batch bio photo croppedOwn your success –“I learned to take responsibility for my own success. My mom made me realize I do have an opportunity to be successful on the football field. I had let other things distract me that I had to own up to like listening to music in study hall instead of doing my homework. So instead of having to be made to do my work, now I wanted to do it.”  – Charlie Batch on purpose

brad smallDon’t give up – “The first show I did in March of 2006 was “Fools” by Neil Simon. Nine people came to the show and they were all family members of one of the actors.” – Brad Geyer on “The Little Theater that Could”

jeremy small

Be courageous – “Any service member is grateful to be thanked. I did it for a reason. When someone says they are sorry for my injury, I’m not sorry for my injury. I’d do it all over again for the same reason firefighters and EMS workers go out and save lives and police officers serve and protect. I do it for those exact same reasons – to serve and protect my country.”– Jeremy Feldbusch – a Wounded Warrior on a mission

Ethan smallHave a support network – “Even while working her two jobs she has been there for me and my brother through everything. She has become this amazing mother who can beat all the odds. I could not have done any of this without her by my side.” – Ethan Keedy on never giving up

 Maria small

Let go and let God – “Sometimes life if not fair. Just go with it. Have faith.” – Maria Connell inspiring with Down Syndrome

Scott and ConnieDo what matters – “As hundreds of riders pass by, they give a cemetery salute. It’s our way of showing loyalty and respect for the dedication Scott had for this mission. It’s also a reminder to us that we’ll always do this.” – Scott and Connie Nicholson on helping cancer patients make ends meet

gary wandel smallExperience Life – “You want to travel? Don’t tell me you don’t have money. There’s a way – save. You can do it. There’s nothing to hold us back in this great country to do great things and to experience great things. I’m trying to experience this world as much as I possibly can.” – Gary Wandel on the adventure of life without limits

Ted and PhyllisCommit to a cause – “It was a cold night and people were lined up outside. While 130 tickets were sold, 450 people showed up. We ran out in the pouring rain to buy more spaghetti.” – Ted and Phyllis Kovall on the fight to save Finley’s sight

  jaynette small

Take care of your health – “My biggest hope is that my story could save other women from going through what I did by just getting a routine mammogram.” –Jaynette Brown on how she got through 52 cancer treatments

Patti Kirscht and dogsHave  dog time – “Dogs and animals have this amazing ability to heal people. When a patient or resident is with a dog, their face softens. Their pain lessens. Petting a dog lowers blood pressure and helps emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Dogs give love, expecting nothing in return.”
Patti Kirscht on her dogs with special needs Eunice to use

Be happy – “I’m a dancer. I always loved to dance and to sing. I live to be happy. I’m thankful for being alive!”- Eunice Arthur on being 101 and happy

 ted and wendy smallBe grateful – “We’re just so grateful to have each other, friends who care so much, family, and above all – life.”
Ted and Wendy on being mobile with Spina Bifida

  jOANNE ORLANDO LIZZAStart over – “After a year of rehabilitation for my body, a neighbor thought it time for some rehabilitation for my soul. She encouraged me to become a volunteer tutor at a local elementary school…The teacher in me was reborn and a new chapter of my life began.”– Joanne Orlando on impacting others from her wheelchair

emily smallBe persistent – “She went door to door. If they said, ‘We already bought cookies,’ Emily asked them if they would still donate. And they did.” – Emily Ruggieri on her goal to deliver smiles and 1,584 Girl Scout cookies

santa small

Believe – “I have seen life through the eyes and hearts of children. I have been humbled many more times than I can count by the innocence of children. Children who can see the magic in something most of their friends tell them doesn’t exist.”– Chuck Hubbell on being Santa Claus

Believe that you’ll achieve your goals this year and you’re half way there. To complete the journey, try these tips:

  1. Make a list of your goals. And keep them where you’ll see them every day.
  2. Tell someone what they are. It will keep you accountable.
  3. Break them into steps. Then feel good about your daily successes.

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