Rock Balance with little rock - Tim AndersonWith all of the things we have stacked in our day, living a balanced life may seem impossible. But it can be done. I asked master stone balance artist, Tim Anderson, what it takes to create the perfect picture of balance.

It turns out the five things Tim does to create a rock balance are the same five things you can do to create a life balance. Here’s what he shared as well as my take on how to apply it:

1. Find the center of balance – Each stone has many balance points.  It’s all in how the stone is presented to the other stones being used.  Together they work in harmony complimenting each other to become the final result.

Eat healthy: The wrong foods can have a major impact on our health. So have the recommended share of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, dairy and water. Maintaining a balanced diet is at the center of keeping our body’s systems working in harmony.

2. The smallest stone matters the most – Often the smallest stones are the most important pieces in the balance allowing the highly improbable or nearly impossible to take place.  Large and small, all the stones in a balance are important keystones or “key stones” that determine the final outcome.

Get enough rest: It may seem like a small detail – and it’s likely the last thing we think about. But having the energy to get you through the day will positively impact your overall health, relationships, and goals for success.

3. Get out of your comfort zone – Most good results come with practice and perseverance.  Stone balancing is no different.  Practice in the sense of going out in all elements and seasons.  Truly become one with nature.  Embrace it all, even on the coldest, rainiest days beauty can be discovered which in turn sparks motivation.  Use that fuel to open your mind to being creative.  If you can learn to balance stones on a cold, hand numbing day in January, you can do far more intricate work on all the others.

Make exercise a priority: When you get moving, you’re improving. So whatever the season – whether you’re walking, playing basketball, or dancing – push yourself past your comfort level. Doing so will help you become stronger, better able to maintain a healthy weight, decrease your risk of developing some diseases, and relieve stress.

4. Have quiet time – Stone balancing is an excellent form of meditation. It creates an environment of intense focus which can help (even if only temporarily) clear your mind of all the negativity in life thus allowing your mind and spirit time to be free (and being free is a great feeling).  It also creates personal time to focus on yourself and what being happy truly means to you.

Focus: Push distractions away to focus on what’s most important. Make time to meditate and pray. When you do, you are in better tune with your purpose and the answers become a whole lot clearer.

5. Get out and play – As children, playing comes easy.  As an adult, true childish playtime decreases due to the rigors of life.  I think we can agree that playing as a child was fun. Why do adults lose touch with “playing”?  Stone balancing is a highly effective way to release you inner child again.

Pick up a rock: Tim adds, “It can help resurrect that feeling of having fun through the most simplistic action.  All you need are a few stones, it doesn’t get much easier.  Failure is not in having stones topple with each attempt, it’s not trying at all.  Make time to play!”

You don’t have to be a master stone artist to bring balance to your life. You just have to see the big picture and want it. Then go out and practice it every day. It really is possible!

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