MaryMotivates - Dave Swiderski croppedWho is your elevator? That person who lifts you up and makes you believe in yourself and something bigger.

I’m blessed to have more than a few “elevators”. Family. Friends. Community members. And colleagues. They might not realize it, but their encouragement and support has made all the difference over these last few months. As one door shut, they lifted me higher.

My elevators were with me as I launched the book, “People Who Inspire” and have stayed with me as I’ve worked to build a business. MaryMotivates, LLC is a motivational speaking and consulting firm with one goal – to be someone’s elevator.

Now it’s my turn to press the button and lift people higher. To elevate brands and better engage companies with their staff, vendors and the community. And to bring a culture of kindness into schools.

This coming year, I’ll present the “Stand Up and Choose! Tour” in middle and high schools. With messages of anti-drug, anti-bullying, empathy, leadership and reaching higher – I’m taking my passion to lift others higher on the road.

When I go, my elevators will be with me. They’ll be on the stage. They’ll be in the audience. Because they’re part of who I am – and we’re in this together. Everyone is fighting a battle of some kind. We’re all trying to rise above and to make a difference in this world.

I’ve learned one thing over these last few months and last few years. God puts people in our lives at just the right time to let us know that He’s Got a plan and we’ve got a purpose.

Who is your elevator? Thank them. And honor them by relentlessly pursuing your goals.

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