Meet Mary

MaryMotivates - Dave Swiderski croppedMary Dreliszak, Chief Engagement Officer (CEO)

Mary is a fan of the underdog and the achiever in all of us. Maybe it’s because she’s been both, starting in high school when she was the underdog in a speech contest. And won.

She learned something about herself then – that she could do anything she put her mind to do. Just like her mom told her growing up. So Mary went on to college to pursue a career in communications with a degree of confidence she wouldn’t have otherwise had.

Her first job out of college was executive secretary for the Pittsburgh Steelers. While she enjoyed this role, her passion for public relations was calling. She accepted a position with a health care facility with the promise that she’d soon start their PR department. And she did.

As Mary grew in her career, she also grew organizations. She held leadership roles in public relations, business development and education and delivered motivational assemblies to more than 150,000 high school students. She grew so much, that she outgrew her box. So she started a blog at to keep growing her storytelling skills and to help move people all over the world out of their box too.

The blogs’ “People Who Inspire” series became a book by the same name. In it, she interviewed ordinary people who are living extraordinary lives. And proved that if we just take a moment to connect and have a conversation with those around us, we can be inspired.

But she wasn’t done growing. So she started the company, MaryMotivates, LLC, to take her business engagement and motivational speaking skills to a whole new level.

Now, the ATHENA Award winner is on a mission to motivate you to grow. To propel you out of your comfort zone. And to reach higher than you ever imagined possible.