Are you ready to empower students to create a culture of kindness?

During a StrongKids podcast that Mary hosted on bullying and kindness, one middle school student shared, “It seems that bullying as power in school.” So Mary asked her, “Then what can we do to give kindness power in school?” The student suggested a kindness club since there is power in numbers. Mary responded by creating (i)impact (pronounced “I impact”), a kindness club to empower students to impact their school culture and community by doing small things every day to spread kindness.

Would you like to get (i)impact started at your school? It’s easy and it’s free, so contact Mary today! She’ll provide tips to help launch your club, resources to make it fun, and promotion of your activities to inspire others with acts of kindness. Start a chain of kindness that begins in the home, use technology and social media to spread kindness, and make a new student feel welcomed. These are just a few ideas. Imagine the kindness you can spread with your (i)impact club!

Like a pebble tossed into the water, one small act of kindness can create a ripple effect in schools, homes, and in our community. Why start an (i)impact club? Because we each have the power to impact a life with one small act of kindness.


Thank you to these kind companies

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