Searching for a speaker to engage your school, group or business audience with a message that moves them?

Mary Dreliszak’s high energy, interactive presentations inspire change. Maybe it’s her storytelling skills or her ability to meet people where they are. Either way, it’s the passion she has for moving people forward in their lives that drives her message home – to make an impact.

After ten years of delivering motivational assemblies to more than 150,000 students, blogging, authoring the book “People Who Inspire” and hosting the Armstrong television show by the same name, Mary has mastered the art of motivation. Now, she’s ready to bring your audience the targeted message they need to propel them out of their comfort zone. And to create an experience they won’t forget.

Her StandUp and Choose! Tour” for middle and high schools is also ideal for business. So whether your goal is to create a culture of respect, elevate goals, or to bring an anti-drug, anti-bullying and life-affirming message to your conference or company gathering, it’s easy to do. Just reach out to Mary at 724-984-0860,, or scroll down for the Contact Form. This high energy, multi-media presentation will move your audience – and your business – forward.

Let's get moving!

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