Giving a voice to StrongKids to inspire hope. 

StrongKids features high school students who have risen above and as well as those who are working to make a dream come true; who make life better for others, and who model strength of character. It’s purpose is to cultivate a culture of kindness, understanding, acceptance, and respect. The MaryMotivates podcast is produced by the Connellsville Area High School iMedia Center.

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Bryar Halfhill I StrongKids Podcast

An interview with sophomore, Bryar Halfhill – From fly fishing to trapping to archery and hunting, this student is talking about his love of the outdoors. His ability to be present in the moment and to enjoy the adventures of travel will inspire you to  to make the most of every day.

Taney Basinger I StrongKids Podcast

An interview with sophomore, Taney Basinger –  This 15 year-old designs and makes her own clothes, sings praise and worship music, and is an entrepreneur. Taney talks about this and what motivated her to stop trying to fit in and start being herself. We’ll also hear who has inspired her as well as what’s next for this #StrongKid.   

Life Skills Teacher, Carrie Douty I StrongKids Podcast

An interview with Life Skills Teacher, Carrie Douty – Her students with special needs operate the Falcon Fuel coffee shop at Connellsville Area High School. And while they’re serving up the fuel the school community uses to power through the day, these incredible kids are gaining life skills and building relationships. A few of Carrie’s students join us to share what they like best about their roles.

Ryan Craig I StrongKids Podcast

An interview with senior, Ryan Craig I He’s an aspiring filmmaker who collaborates with the best friend he never met in the UK as they write and compose screenplays. As he gets ready to graduate from high school, the storyteller shares his journey and the biggest lesson for future success he’s learned along the way. 

Parker Carte I StrongKids Podcast

An interview with senior, Parker Carte I He has an inquisitive mind and a desire to part of something bigger than himself. This performer, music composer, future neurosurgeon and lead in the high school musical says it’s about exercising the brain and having the full human experience. 

Laura Becker | StrongKids Podcast

Laura Becker cropped3

An interview with CAHS senior, Laura Becker | Laura talks about the complete lifestyle change she made to improve her health. This future nurse will inspire you to make a healthy goal, keep working at it, and never give up.