Giving a voice to StrongKids to inspire hope. And to cultivate a culture of kindness, understanding, acceptance, and respect.

StrongKids features high school students who have risen above and as well as those who are working to make a dream come true; who make life better for others, and who model strength of character. The MaryMotivates podcast is produced by the Connellsville Area High School iMedia Center.


by MaryMotivates - An interview with CAHS senior, Jacob Kern | In this first show, Mary Dreliszak interviews Jacob, a senior who is rising above the challenge of life with Cystic Fibrosis. He teaches us to live our best life, despite the obstacles, and to give back.

by MaryMotivates - An interview with CAHS senior, Taylor Speeney | Taylor shares insight on the choices that led to her sister's drug use and ultimately, the Heroin overdose that took her life. She also shares the impact and how she is rising above.